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Lilly (Great Dane)
Current Mood Devious
Age 7 years
Birthday August 10, 2007
Gender Female
Favorite Toy Ropes, and Socks
Favorite Activity Playing with my Sisters
Number of Friends 135
100 Friend Badge
Friends 133



about me

It is update day, Mom has some free time and is letting us all on the computer!! My name is Lilly I am 1 year and 10 months old, like my sister Angel Cake I am deaf. No it's not my breed I am a Great Dane No something didn't happen I was born this way. I don’t know anything else and I get along just fine. I LOVE to go to the park to play with my sisters other then that I am a home fur body. I am the mellow one out of us 3 and the youngest. I don’t let Angel mess around I will put her in her place (bouncy little snot) I have a fur brother "Luther" love the old man but we don't really play. I also have a reptile brother named Hercules he is around 65 years old and is HUGE. He thinks it’s funny while I am sleeping to sneak up on me. I don't see how that’s funny!!!! I am thankful for the life we now all have and we all show it every day. Our Moms love us so much more then the places we lived before!! Angel Cake and Mya have their own pages on here just a different account if you wanna check them out!!

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Lovestruck from LilyOy
Oh My Gosh, We found a Lilly who is a Gentle Giant. You are beautifull!
Birthday Cake from Mist
Happy Birthday!!!
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Going to the park.

Posted on: 6 years ago

Me and my two sisters Mya and Angel are going to the park tomorrow to play with other Danes. Some lady emailed my Mom saying that when she took her Dane all there was, was a bunch of little dogs and she was afraid her Dane might hurt them, because he is a puppy and doesn't know how big he is. So my Mom emailed her back and said that we would go, so now we are going. So exicted I can't wait I am go...


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