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Bentley (Bouvier des Flandres)
Current Mood Happy
Age 12 years
Birthday June 24, 2002
Gender Male
Favorite Toy ALL of them.
Favorite Activity Being ambassador for all living creatures!
Number of Friends 632
500 Friend Badge
Hey, any other Blackies (Black Russian Terriers) out there??...
Friends 642


Life is good!

about me

You know it is really tough being an older brother to Zoe.  I NEVER get any privacy...she sleeps with me (and she has to make sure that part of her body is touching me so she will know if I move), she follows me everwhere, she takes my cookies and toys right out of my mouth, and she even drinks water when I do, but I love her anyway.  I love everybody even other cats and dogs.  I'm just a great guy!!

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