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Scrappy (Toy Fox Terrier)
Current Mood Lazy
Age 10 years
Birthday February 19, 2004
Gender Male
Favorite Toy Tennis ball
Favorite Activity chasing tennis balls, running around in the backyard
Number of Friends 74


Yay!! Paws are all better! I get to go outside today and play with my tennis balls!!

about me

Hi! My name is Scrappy! I'm a 4 year old Toy Fox Terrier/ Jack Russell mix. I loooove playing with my tennis ball and running in my backyard until I pass out. Milkbones are my favorite treat in the world! Peanut butter isn't too bad either!  I have the best parents a dog could ever ask for. My best friend, Dozer the boxer, lives next door to me. We love to just chill and chase each other. I'm teaching him the ropes...he's a young pup.  Some say I'm wild and hyper, but I'm just a dude who likes to have fun.  If there's a party, you can bet I'm there!

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My paws...

Posted on: 6 years ago

I'm so sad. My paws have been itching like crazy. I chew and chew, but nothing makes them feel better. My mom gives me benadryl wrapped in cheese, and I think it helps a little.  She won't let me go outside and play because I heard her tell my dad I might have allergies or something. I think my parents are even calling the vet! Man oh man...I hate going to the vet. The place creeps me out eve... (read more)


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  • Unnamed (Dec 21st 9:14 am)
  • Smores (6 years ago)

    I need your help. Please visit my journal page for September 30th and click on the link that I have posted and vote for me. I’m really close to winning. PLEASE help me win. Please vote for SMORES.

  • Ashleigh (6 years ago)

    Scrappy..thanks for being my friend. I have a hotdog costume too....I don't prefer to wear it though. Have a great day!!!

  • Smores (6 years ago)

    If you have to go to the vet make sure you get lots of cookies while you are there. Woof.

  • Boo (6 years ago)

    Great hotdog outfit,stay away from the big dogs you look like a snack.

  • Dollar (6 years ago)

    Hi Scrappy! My paws itch all the time too. I bite them and lick them a lot. Mom says I have allergies too. We must just be sensitive dogs! Thanks for being a friend, woof woof!!

  • Kachita (6 years ago)

    Hey Scrappy, I like youe hot dog picture, you look so cute!! Are you posing for the camera because you are very photogenic!! Thanks for being my friend!! :)

  • Copper (6 years ago)

    Hi there Scrappy.. I am SO sorry about your paws.. My sister Annie used to have terrible allergies and bite her paws sometimes until they bled.. My mommy soaked her paws in Epsom salts, and then got a spray from the vet called Gentamycin.. It worked really, really well. We think the problem with my legs is just arthritis. I know that sounds bad (and it is) but it can be managed.. Please let us know what happens with your paws we will be praying!!! xxoo Copper

  • Foxy (6 years ago)

    Thanks for the compliment're pretty handsome yourself! I really love your hot dog costume! I think me and mommy are getting matching costumes this will be my first time dressing up so I don't if I like clothes yet...but i'll let you know and i'll take lots of pictures! I wish we lived closer too! I love going to the park and playing with friends!

  • Jake (6 years ago)

    Hi Scrappy! It's fun being really big toy fox terriers, isn't it? I get to boss my 'little' brother Eddie around and push him away from my favorite sleeping spots! You said you don't get people food anymore--well, we get carrots now, for treats. Our doctor said it's better for us than dog biscuits. I'll eat anything, so I don't mind them, but Eddie prefers biscuits, for sure! -- Your friend, Jake.

  • Ming (6 years ago)

    Scrappy the deal with pekes is that you have to recognize we are royalty. We even had our own servants back in the day. (Mom of course still makes me go out in the rain!) Pretend to woship Aunt Raisin and keep in mind you are no doubt much faster than she is!

  • Casey (6 years ago)

    Scrappy you almost look just like me! So glad I got to meet you. I don't know any other dogs that are like me here in my neighborhood. People are always asking my mom what kid of dog is that, and I feel like asking them, "what kid of kid are you? Does it really matter? I don't bother them, why are they bothering me? Anyway, I am not in a good mood today because I was left alone "all day" and it is Saturday. This is my day I thought. Oh well...maybe tomorrow will be better.

  • Dallas (6 years ago)

    Thanks for the friend request, look forward to getting to know you better!

  • Trixie (6 years ago)

    oh yea bud i forgot to ask how do you get backgrounds?? ruff

  • Trixie (6 years ago)

    wow you have a cool dog and i like the hotdog outfit!its so funny , anyways i like your dog and thanx for leting me be your friend. :)

  • luka (6 years ago)

    Hi Scrappy.Thanks for being my paw pal.You sound like a dog I could have alot of fun with.Luka

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