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Angel (Great Dane)
Current Mood Animated
Age 8 years
Birthday January 30, 2006
Gender Female
Favorite Toy Plastic bottle
Favorite Activity DOG PARRRRRK!!!!
Number of Friends 191
100 Friend Badge
Hallie is waiting for us all just over the rainbow bridge.. ...
Friends 155
I am just as happy as I can be!!
Friends 125


Who doesn't love an Angel Cake?

about me

Wow it has been a long time since I have been here to see all my pup friends... Everything is about me so I am not sure where to start. I am going on 5 years old now. I live in Phoenix AZ with my 2 Moms and my fur sibblings. I have 2 sisters Mya and Lilly and bro Luther... I was rescued from the pound off of doggie death row a few years back. I was a street dawg before they hauled me off to doggie jail. No one at the pound knew what was wrong with me they all thought I was a bad dog because I wouldnt listen... HELLLO humans I can't hear you I am deaf. Then this crazy lady was waving her arms at my captures (who knows what she was doing? BOL) Next thing I knew I was in the back of a car chewing on a Christmas angel that the crazy lady  says she was taking back to the store. (not now she wasn't) That pups, is how I got my name, Angel. It sure isn't my personality. So fast forward a year or two and here we are present day... I know hand comands and what Moms dirty looks mean. Oh and the crazy lady still waves her arms but I just call her Mom now. My sisters, Luther and I have our own room with our own kennels stuffed with blankies and pillows, all the food we can eat (or steal off the counters) and an endless supply of love.

!!Update 2/17/11!!

All is well in our house, we have a few additions the crazy lady (Mom) has added. I am now the proud owner of 2 cats and a real life kid, thats what Mom calls her younger brother BOL. So thats all for now Bark atcha later!!

latest gifts and journal entries

Butterfly from Unnamed
A pretty butterfly for my new friend!!!
Heart from SissyConsuela
Jus stoppin by to say thank you for yur furiendship! Hav a GR8 Day! Luvs an Paw Hugs from Sissy C an Dixie Ann♥♥
Squeeky Starfish from Jack
Thanks for being my friend, you have such great moms!!!
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  • Unnamed (Dec 18th 7:29 pm)
  • Gracie May (4 years ago)

    Happy Birthday, Angel! Gracie May

  • Boomer (5 years ago)

    Hellooooo my beautiful Angel, not much up with me except mom is spending all her time with this little thing she calls a granddaughter so I haven't been able to spend much time on the computer. I hope all is well with you. I really miss talking to all my friends, but you gorgeous drop me a line anytime, I'll make sure mom lets me on the computer for you. Have a great Memorial Day if I hear from you sooner. Boomer

  • NOS (5 years ago)

    Thanx 4 bien my new furiend ur sssooo adorble & I love ur pics they r just 2 cute have a pawtastic nite Luv Nos

  • Tilly (5 years ago)


  • Countess (5 years ago)

    happy pawdy to you............

  • Angel Shakira, 2008-2014 (5 years ago)

    Have a very happy birthday girlfriend

  • Angel Apollo Xavier (2003-2009) (5 years ago)

    happy bark-day

  • Angel Shakira, 2008-2014 (5 years ago)

    I just you for being my friend!

  • Boomer (5 years ago)

    Hello there my Angel Cakes, I have missed you so much and I hope all is well with you and your family. It was a crazy summer, mostly because the weather was horrible and things where postponed or cancelled but fall is here. I hope to catch up with my friends and my special lady during the upcoming months. How have you been? Are you eating better than you were? Have you been taking your moms to the park for exercise. hehe. Last month my mom met 2 danes that belong to her cousin who moved from CA to Ma back in 2008, both were from a harlequin litter, we could be related. hehe. My dear sweet Angel Cakes, I hope to hear from you soon. Boomer P.S. Auntie D sounds like a hoot, I'd love to mess with her. hehe.

  • Boomer (6 years ago)

    Hello Beautiful, the weather here is pretty nice. Mom's taking me to the park today so I can play with my friends. I wish you could come with us. I absolutely love playing in the mud and I even went into the pond last week, up to my elbows. I prefer to stay on land and wait for the other dogs to fetch the stick and I just grab it from them when they hit land. hehe. What have you been up to? Are your moms taking you to the park? Bark at me when you can. Boomer

  • Boomer (6 years ago)

    Hello my beautiful Angel, the weather here stinks, to much rain and every time I go outside mom wipes my paws when I come in. I don't care for this. I've heard mom on the phone a couple of time now and I don't think I'm going to like what she has planned for me. I'm going to be starting classes on Thursday, I don't know why, I already passed two sessions. What is she thinking? Then she made an appointment for grooming, OH NO, I think that maybe water might be involved. I hope all is well with you. I finally met your brother, Luther, I think I still need to work on him alittle but once he get to know me all should work out for us. Boomer

  • Boomer (6 years ago)

    OH NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT. You are the love that holds me heart. I need friends to exercise with, I love to run. I'm only working out to make your friend envious of you muscular man. hehe. xoxox Boomer

  • Boomer (6 years ago)

    Oh My Sweet Angel Cakes, just stopping by to wish you a wonderful weekend. XOXOXOX Boomer

  • ♥ Scooby ♥ (6 years ago)

    Hi there Angel, glad we became friends. My pal Boomer was right, you are beautiful. He's a good dog he is, you two should hook up I know he'll treat you right. You guys would make a cute couple. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • SissyConsuela (6 years ago)

    Hi Angel thanks so much for the ball. I keep tellin daddy I need a new ball but now i have one hehe. Hope you have a fun weekend! Luvs an Chi Hugs for you from me Sissy C♥

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