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Saphire (Siberian Husky)
Current Mood Fabulous
Age 8 years
Birthday May 16, 2006
Gender Female
Favorite Toy Anything I am not supposed to have
Favorite Activity DOG SLEDDING!
Number of Friends 116
100 Friend Badge


My name is Saphire and I cant wait to meet everyone, especially other sled dogs and huskies. I live in central Alberta, Canada, where are you from?

about me

I am a purebred Siberian Husky. My full name is Arcticsun's A Single Saphire, but you can call me Saphire. I have started doing some of the cool things we do here at Arcticsun. I have gone to my first dog show. I started pulling sled last year, cant wait for this winter, it was sooo much fun! I am hoping to maybe be a movie star some day like my father Tupit or my granfather Apache.

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Birthday Cake from Charlie my Angel & Angel Chester
Happy Birthday Saphire!!!!
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Sept 1

Posted on: 6 years ago

Well it has been a cool and wet summer (hoorah!) with only a few really hot days. My sister Topaz has babies! She is so beautiful, every one of her babies had a person waiting for them from even before they were born!!! Im a little worried, I am going to my second dog show in a couple of weeks and I am stillw earing my summer jacket. My winter coat is nowhere in sight!!! I was playing with my frie...


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