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Doxie (Mixed)
Current Mood Mellow
Age 21 years
Birthday April 1, 1993
Gender Male
Favorite Toy any bone I can get from Baby & Peabody
Favorite Activity sleeping
Number of Friends 2115
1k Friend BadgeScamp - Aware but dangerous!
Peabody aka Peeps
My name is Peabody,but you can call me Peeps!
Friends 2111
I love my Doxie!! ...
Friends 1442
I am Jill, a bouncy angel. My nickname was Tigger because ...
Friends 1414
Hi!! I'm Garfield. I know you think I am the bad guy, but ...
Friends 1401
Friends 1199


My name is Doxie





about me

Doxie glitter

I am almost 17 years old, a black lab/bassett hound mix. I lost my 2 best friends last year-Susie, died at age 12 of a stroke in May and Jill, who was 14 died of cancer right before Thanksgiving. I  was so lonely and sad that my mom got me a new friend, my little brother,  Peabody, who is a little too bouncy for me. He is so scared of everything and  everyone that he runs to me to protect him. I don't have any enemies-everyone loves me and I love everyone!!!


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Angel from Einstein
Happy Birthday beautiful angel!
Squeeky Starfish from Megan
To one of the newest and brightest stars in Heaven, thinking of you, Love Megan, Promise and McKinsie
Angel from Unnamed
Here is a beautiful angel for the newest dear angel...Love, Angel Keri, Buddy, Gracie, Holly and Keegan
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Thank you everyone!!

Posted on: 3 years ago

As all of you know, Doxie has went to the Rainbow Bridge.  This has been the hardest time in my life.  I was with him till the very end.  I want to thank everyone who has helped me through this. I dont know what I would do without you. I have not been on here since around Doxie's birthday since our pc went down and the lap top is such a hassle to get on.  He had so many great f...


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