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Savannah (American Pit Bull Terrier)
Current Mood Adored
Age 5 years
Birthday March 2, 2009
Gender Female
Favorite Toy My Squirrel Dude (filled with buddy-oh's)
Favorite Activity Going to the Dog Park, playing at my house w/doggies & my pool
Favorite Food Carrot & Apple Treats, Dogsters Ice Cream, Buddy Biscuits
Pet-Peeves squirrels on my fence, loud crashing kitty cat sister (jk)
Tricks high five, say what?, belly rub
Number of Friends 151
100 Friend Badge


I am a 3 yr old (on March 6th), black & white rescued Pitbull, 52 lbs, have my Canine Good Citizen certification & CGC collar tag, and I am an approved therapy dog. I have a lot of friends at the dog park, and MY MOMMY LOVES ME MORE THAN ANYTHING. I also have a rescued kitty cat sister, Bianca. Read all about me mommy wrote it for me...

about me

My mommy saved me (although she keeps saying that I saved her). I was used for breeding (probably worse) and after (what they think) was my 2nd litter, within a week of my delivery, they know because I was still lactating A LOT, Philadelphia Animal Control found me tied to a fence in South Philly. On the day I was scheduled to be PTS, PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) must have thought that I was worthy and saved me, they are the only NO KILL SHELTER in Philly. Thank goodness or my mommy may never have found me. I was in foster care with a great lady when my mom came and said "You're coming with me now forever & ever" I was so excited. I have a rescued kitty sister too who I merely tolerate...that's not all that true anymore, if you see our pix together, we are best friends, but like any sisters, she gets on my nerves. She can be annoying but for the most part I love her and we sleep together, eat together, drink together and play together but I don't really like other kitties. I do like to chase other cats, birds & squirrels though. I LOVE the dog park and doggie day camp. I got my Canine Good Citizen certification and I used to be a regular therapy dog at my mommy's grandma's nursing home. But she went to heaven so we don't go anymore, I'd like to go see some children in hospitals though so we are going to start again soon. I love all dogs and people, but I really like it when all my friends get to come over to MY house. My mommy sets up LOTS & LOTS of play dates at our house for me. Well I hope to meet a LOT of cool doggies on, please, friend me! My mommy threw me a 2nd birthday party at my doggie day care/camp, Camp Bow Wow in Cherry Hill. It was so fun!!! I had 27 doggies come with their parents and there was cake for the humans and pupcakes to go home for us K9's, with "doggie bags" and toys in them! They sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me and we had the whole place to ourselves for 3 whole hours! Let's chat...what are YOUR favorite things to do???

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Angel from Unnamed
Here's an angel for your boyfriend, Apollo, Savannah...He is doing well here already, and is surrounded by new angel friends!
Thanksgiving Leaf from Charlie my Angel & Angel Chester
Nice to meet you Savannah!
Trick or Treat Bag from Unnamed
Thanx for being our furiend! The Rat Pack
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Hi everyone!!!

Posted on: 3 years ago

Sorry Savannah & I have been MIA for so long!!! I lost my job, got another one and then lost that one too so its been a trying few months. I don't know if anyone remembers my last foster dog, Rio, who I only had for a few days...well he got adopted and then returned after 2 months. He came right back to me, which was a mess. The woman who adopted him did NOTHING. She didn't exercise him (no yard o...


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