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~ Jack ~ Storm ~ (Mixed)
Current Mood Blessed
Age 17 years
Birthday July 2, 1997
Gender Male
Favorite Toy tennis ball
Favorite Activity being with dad
Number of Friends 1026
1k Friend BadgeScamp - Aware but dangerous!
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"It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are."--Unknown

My name is Jack I am 11yrs old and I live in Melbourne, Australia with my human family and sister Mia. My mum calls me her handsome man and dad calls me a good boy.... parents certainly know how to embarrass me. I look forward to making new friends. Have a great day. Jack.


A Person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of

Life  -  Bob Barker

about me

I am a Labrador/bordercollie cross. My mum seems to bring in younger dogs for me to look after as well. They stay at my home for a couple of months at a time and then move onto their working lives... thank goodness for that because they are too active for me but good for my sister Mia because she gets the games she loves and enjoys. I love walks, a treat every now and then, BUT,most of all I love my dad and look forward to when he comes home from work every evening so that I can sit down next to him. LIFE IS GOOD.

TO ALL OUR NEW FRIENDS:   We are oh sooo lucky and honored TO CALL  EACH AND EVERYONE OUR FRIEND. It is very hard for mum to try and keep up especially with four of us in tow. So please if mum hasnt dropped in and said G"day please dont hesitate to do so. Love, Jack.

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Birthday Cake from Totti (RIP) & Foxy
Happy Birthday
Birthday Cake from Kane and Daisy
Happy birthday, Jack. Have a wonderful day, friend
Angel from Jeni the little Shiba Diva
Jack we love you. Fly free dear friend.
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A sad note from my Mum

Posted on: 2 years ago

Hi everyone, Yes, it has been a very long while since Jack and I visited this page. As most of you know that life is hectic and am so very sorry for not visiting you ALL on this page. I am so sorry to let you all know that Jack went peacefully to the rainbow bridge Wednesday night. I got up that morning and couldn't find him waiting to greet me at the door. I found him laying in his kennel n...


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  • Unnamed (Dec 20th 12:07 am)
  • Leo (6 months ago)

    Happy Birthday Angel Jack.....

  • Prince (7 months ago)

    Hello Angel Jack! I hear you have been very busy at The Bridge! Your always chasing that tennis ball or swimming in the big pond.. we are glad you are all settled in and waiting for the big day when you and your parents meet again.. until that day that is still pretty far off have fun chasing them xoxoxo Your little buddy Prince

  • cammy (1 year ago)

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  • Angel Tommy Tunes 6/6/97 - 8/28/14 is online! Angel Tommy Tunes 6/6/97 - 8/28/14 (1 year ago)

    Happy Birthday Angel Jack!!! Tommy Freddy Girl

  • Precious Our Angel (RIP) 6-20-05~7-18-09 (1 year ago)

    I will be at your party Jack, don't start without us.. Hurry up Tasha She is my sister that came to the Bridge this year and I will be bringing her.The more the merrier! "Happy Birthday" Jack! xoxooxoxo Love, Precious & Tasha

  • Gabby & Angel (1 year ago)

    "Happy Bridge Birthday 2013" Angel Jack! we hear they celebrate big up there..We sure miss you, if your down our way on the way to blow kisses in the wind to your mama and family, send some our way too! "Happy Birthday" to you! "Happy Birthday" to you! "Happy Birthday" Dear Angel Jack! "Happy Birthday" To You! We Love You Jack! xoxoxooxoxox Gabby & AngelOh Yeah Jack .. Angel had pups and they are all now at their new homes.. 5 boys & 3 Girls..

  • Prince (1 year ago)

    Well Jack my buddy.. Just because you are at The Bridge doesn't mean you stop having Birthdays... So "Happy 16th Birthday 2013" May your day be very Heavenly! We will always love you Jack! and continue to cherish your friendship! xoxoxoxo Prince & Mama Jeanne catch!

  • Rain (1 year ago)

    Happy, happy birthday Angel Jack

  • Mia (2 years ago)


  • Dit,Olivia,Al, and angel Roxy....The Bassets (2 years ago)

    Jack we are sorry we weren't here for you and your family. We will miss you. Take care old furiend. Fly with the angels!

  • TAZ THE PRINCE (2 years ago) baby..i didn't know..i'm so sorry! i have a bad secretary cause she had health problems and a surgery but now she is back to herself and fine and our chow chow friend Leo told us about your passing and u have no idea how sad we,Ben,Sissy and our new bro Marley feel so bad we didn't know..we r sending to your mom our love!u r her special angel Jack! R.I.P our good friend Jack! we love u and already miss u :( your greek buddies

  • Jazzmin (2 years ago)

    we will miss you our sweet furend Jack xoxoxo

  • Paco (2 years ago)

    So sorry... Jack, we will miss you... My thoughts and prayers are with you and with your family... Love Paco

  • Henry (2 years ago)

    So very sorry to hear about Jack, we send our love and prayers to you at this sad time. RIP at the Rainbow Bridge, dear Jack.

  • Sandy (2 years ago)

    Fly free sweet Jack, we are sorry to hear of your passing. Sending prayers and Hugs to your family.

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